Excess Baggage Services

How do I get my empty box and necessary paperwork? Details below.
Can I use my own box/suitcase? You can as long as it's within the pricing guidelines.

We offer free boxes, with no weight limits and trackable delivery to your delivery address* including Customs Clearance*. Pickups can be from your hotel, hostel, cruise depot or serviced apartment. Remote pickups options are available as well. You can book in Sydney and organise pickup from the cruise depot in Melbourne. All with the REDY2GO unique discount code 112233.

Carefully read through and fill in the forms. You can either download them yourself, or ask the Concierge/Reception where you are staying. The pricing and benefits are based on the REDY2GO discount code 112233 and accurate + compliant paperwork.

Customs Declaration form Click to download
Pricing and Sizes Click to download

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need the free empty box delivered to your accommodation.

Once you complete the paperwork for your excess baggage, contact us directly or through the Concierge/Reception for pickup.

Contact Details for Pickup and empty box/es:
Telephone: (+61) 0450 617 447
Text: (+61) 0450 617 447
Email: karyn@globalps.com.au

If you have any enquiries, please email or text us on the details provided above. We can then answer in writing to ensure there are no ambiguities.

*Subject to Terms and Conditions and Customs. Excludes any government charges.

Excess Baggage