Top 5 Reasons to Go with Redy2GO RideShare

Posted On: 08/23/2019

RideShare is changing how we travel, and Redy2GO is changing RideShare in Australia. The RideShare industry has taken off all over the world, and Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne are no exceptions. More and more Millennials are turning in their cars and grabbing their Smartphones. You’re vehicle is just a tap of your finger away!

Redy2GO has joined the RideSharing community in order to provide Australia with the same level of excellence that we’re known for with our affordable airport shuttle services. When you choose a RideShare service in Australia, do your research and pick the best local provider to get around town.

Here are five reasons to use Redy2GO RideShare:


Redy2GO is a safer way to travel. On demand transportation has already reduced the rate of drunk driving around the world. It’s the best way to head out for a night out in Sydney. And with Redy2GO you know that you’re getting the best designated driver available. This is because all of our ride share drivers have been hand picked and personally vetted. We also met with drivers monthly to ensure you continue to get the best quality service.


RideShare services are not only a great way to get from point A to point B, but it brings people together and promotes a sense of community and economic growth. With Redy2GO you support a locally owned Australian and we know Sydney transportation better than anyone! Support local with Redy2GO.

Well-Maintained Vehicles

Most rideshare vehicles don’t undergo any routine inspections. While rideshare drivers are responsible for their own vehicles, Redy2GO meets with drivers regularly to ensure you are getting the best quality service and well-maintained vehicles. Your safety and satisfaction always comes first with Redy2GO.


One reason why Rideshare has become so popular is because fewer and fewer people are purchasing vehicles. These means you save on monthly car payments, registration, insurance, gas, maintenance, and more. But you save even more with Redy2GO. There is NO SURGE pricing with REDY2GO RideShare… EVER! The price you see on our booking engine is the price you will pay. Our RideShare services are perfect for backpackers in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, or anyone looking to save on a ride.

Customer Service

We are focused on our customers, and our staff is on hand 24/7 in case you need to speak to a human being for your travel needs. This means with Redy2GO you can get a hold of a real, live person. No customer service run arounds with us.

Are you ready for Redy2GO RideShare? Get a safe, convenient, and affordable car service the next time you’re traveling around Australia. Find out more about all of our Redy2GO RideShare today.