Ways to Avoid Airport Stress

Posted On: 07/25/2022

International travel has returned to Sydney, and travel is the busiest it’s been since the start of the COVID pandemic. International travel to Sydney airport spiked 19% in June, and has steadily increased by 164% from between January and June of this year. While still below pre-pandemic levels, this increase has made Sydney Airport the busiest we’ve seen in a very long time.

An estimated 2 million travellers are expected to travel through Sydney Airport this month with another 2 million travellers expected to fly through Melbourne Airport. Brisbane Airport should see 55,000 travellers this month, which is about 95% of their pre-pandemic volume. All of this means a lot of travellers are holidaying in Australia again, and airports are getting stressful.

Airports throughout Australia have all increased staff, but staffing is still not nearly what it was before. This means you should expect long lines and delays both with arriving and departing from the airport.

Ways to Avoid Airport Stress

The best thing you can do to avoid stress while travelling is to simply be prepared. Checking in online is always a good idea to avoid lines at the airport. However, you should still try to get to Sydney Airport two hours early for domestic flights and three hours early for international flights.

And if possible only travel with a carry-on luggage as baggage claims will cause unwanted delays.

You can also use airport shuttle services like Redy2GO. A shuttle is a good way to avoid long lines at taxi queues and car rentals. Redy2GO Shuttles has years of experience with airport travel, and makes for the easiest pickups and drop-offs at Sydney Airport.

Avoid travel stress this summer and book a Redy2GO shuttle today.